Pag 1-4  
Ana-Lăcrămioara Rebeli-Szabo - Banca Transilvania and Banca Comercială Română in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Social Involvement Actions

 pag. 7

Adela Lăcrămioara Lazăr - Sustainability in the Activity of the Retailers in Romania  pag. 21
Iasmina-Andreea Lele - Ecological Concerns in the Discourse
of the Fashion Industry
 pag. 27
Andreea Maria Pașca - The Role and Importance of Communication
in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
 pag. 36
Camelia-Viviana Vișan - Ethical Aspects Concerning Inditex’s Business Practices  pag. 46
Miruna-Narcisa Pașca - Ethos and Strategies for Strengthening Credibility in Leaders  pag. 53
Bleoju Marioara - Graphical Design in Public Speaking  pag. 65
Isabela Lavinia Răpeși - Digital Products for Children. UXUI Design  pag. 78
Adina-Lorena Smarandache - Aesthetic and Functional Features of Book Cover Design  pag. 92
Ramona-Valeria Giurgiuca - Face-to-face Communication vs. Digital Communication. Case Study “Cărturești” and “Două Bufnițe” Bookshops  pag. 101
Cristina Budea - The Role of Online Communication in the Start and Growth of a Micro-enterprise. Case study: Dumblegift S.R.L.  pag. 107
Alexandra Diana Rafila - Online Communication Channels in a Company.
Case study: Bosch Service Solutions
 pag. 120
Georgiana - Maria Sîrca - Online Promotion Strategies Used by Iulius Town Timișoara  pag. 128
Lorena Dumitru - Social Media Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic  pag. 138
Anka-Roxana Șuba - Online Social Networks and Social Capital. Case Study: Facebook  pag. 146
Andreea-Mihaela Cepoi - Communicating Social Issues through Social Media: Strategies to Increase Visibility on Social Media  pag. 158
Amalia Cristiana Popovici - Instagram: from a Social Network to a Marketing Tool  pag. 166
Ioana-Roxana Toth - Communication Techniques for Brand Promotion in
the Digital Environment Case Study: Favisan and Gerocossen
 pag. 175 
Maria Diana Ungureanu - Public Relations in the Online Environment.
Transilvania Bank’s Online Promotion final
 pag. 186 
Maria Dorca Marițescu - The Impact of Using Online Questionnaires with Instant Response in the Educational Environment. Digital Interactivity during a Pandemic  pag. 197
Flavia Mezzetti, Ana-Maria Popescu - Crisis Communication in the Age of Digital Media  pag. 211